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Teeth Whitening – Kernersville, NC

Beautiful, Brighter Smiles

Woman smiling after teeth whitening Our teeth naturally darken or discolor with age. And some people were just born with darker tooth enamel than they would like. If you are interested in dramatically improving the appearance of your smile in just a couple of weeks, a professional teeth whitening kit could be just the thing you need. Take-home teeth whitening from Kernersville, NC dentist Dr. Zack Walker allows you to brighten your smile at your own pace -- from the comfort of your living room, or wrapped up with your favorite book! Keep reading to find out more about how it works, and whether or not it’s right for you.

What Causes Teeth to Discolor

Day after day, our tooth enamel comes into contact with a number of highly pigmented foods and beverages. Items like ripe berries, tomato sauce, wine, stout beer… they all gradually cause the teeth to change colors. People who smoke and/or do not maintain proper dental hygiene habits will notice even more significant discoloration over time. Genetics also play a factor in the shade of your smile. Some people naturally have brighter teeth than others.

Whatever caused you to wish for a brighter smile, a professional teeth whitening solution can provide significant help!

How Take-Home Teeth Whitening Works

Years of stains can be erased with an effective take-home whitening treatment. A kit that you get from your dentist in Kernersville is far more powerful than what you can buy over the counter, revealing teeth up to eight shades brighter in just a couple of weeks.

We will create customized trays for you to wear every evening throughout the treatment. These plastic trays fit your teeth perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about saliva mixing with the bleaching gel and affecting the results.

Once you are ready to begin, simply fill the trays with the high-powered bleach we give you. Wear the combination for half an hour every evening for about 14 days. You will begin to notice results almost immediately, but continue use the kit to get the most out of your treatment.

Maintaining Your Bright Smile

After you complete a take-home whitening treatment, you will want to make sure you enjoy your results for as long as possible. With some small changes, it may be the last time you have to whiten your teeth ever again!

To prevent further stains post-whitening, try to…

  • Drink dark beverages through a straw
  • Rinse your mouth out after eating or drinking highly pigmented foods/beverages
  • Chew sugar-free gum after and between meals
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Visit your dentist for six month checkups and cleanings

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

If you are considering whitening your teeth, chances are that you have questions about treatment before you start. We want you to feel completely confident moving forward, which is why we are answering some questions that we commonly get from patients below. Please take a few minutes to read this information, but if you have other questions, feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Walker! Give us a call today to get on the path toward a more beautiful smile.

Do whitening toothpastes work?

Commercial toothpastes typically only remove surface stains and do not change the underlying color of your teeth. That’s why these products can only whiten your teeth by a couple of shades. Plus, many of these specially formulated whitening toothpastes have abrasive ingredients, which can weaken your enamel over the long term. In contrast, professional whitening solutions go beyond the surface to brighten the deep-set color of the teeth.

Does teeth whitening affect my tooth enamel or cause tooth sensitivity?

The whitening bleach in the whitening treatment is safe to use on your teeth and does not damage your tooth structure. It is unlikely with at-home whitening, but you may experience slight sensitivity soon after you complete treatment. However, brushing with a toothpaste containing fluoride or specially designed for sensitive teeth should resolve the issue.

Does whitening alter the coloration of restorations?

The color of restorations like porcelain veneers, crowns, or fillings is not typically impacted by whitening treatment. To make sure that your entire smile looks uniform and flawless.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Most patients qualify for whitening treatment, but we will need to have a consultation with you before we begin treatment to make sure that your mouth is healthy enough. If we find anything amiss, we will need to address this problem first. Also, if you have veneers, dental crowns, or fillings, we will need to plan your whitening treatment accordingly.

How long do the results of teeth whitening typically last?

It depends. If you follow our tips for maintaining your whitening results, your radiant smile can last for years to come. Otherwise, within a couple of years, your teeth can begin to look as they did before treatment. It may be a good idea to touch up your whitening every couple of years to maintain the brightness of your teeth.

Request an Appointment Today!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your cosmetic dentist in Kernersville if you would like to get started with a professional teeth whitening solution. There’s never a bad time to brighten your smile -- we invite you to request an appointment today!